7 Best Blender For Nut Milk (Including Popular Brands)

Best Blender For Nut Milk

How about enjoying some nut milk in your home that you make yourself? Sounds cool, right? Well, with the best blender for nut milk, you will be able to do that pretty easily.

The drawback here is you can’t use your usual blender to do the job. Because crushing nuts to the point where they blend into the milk will require some extra power. Don’t you worry now, as we bring you the best blender for nut milk on this list.

Lets check a shot look the items below-
1. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender
2. NutriBullet 0601 600W
3. Ninja BL610 Professional
4. Ninja HB152 Heat-iQ
5. Ninja BL480D Nutri

If you don’t have much time in your hand, you can get right to the list, but we suggest going through this whole thing. We will be discussing all making nut milk using the proper blender. Knowing all these can help you decide on the blender with much certainty.

So, let’s get going then.

Some of the most popular brands you can check out for nut milk blenders are as follows-

Blenders For Nut Milk
  • Vitamix: Vitamix has to be one of the most renowned brands for making powerful and speedy blenders. These blenders come with quality blades and high performance in which you can always rely on.
  • NutriBullet: NutriBullet is another brand to look out for when searching for the best blender for nuts and seeds. Their top-notch materials and features give you a satisfying experience blending nuts. You won’t have any complaints about the functionality of this blender.
  • Ninja Blenders: If you want to get different nut milk blenders, you go with Ninja Blenders. They have got a lot of variety in their options that have their unique features. We are pretty sure one of them will have just the thing you are looking for.

There are many blenders you can choose from aside from these three brands. But if you want a brand you can rely on, these are the top choices we could suggest. Because we can rely on their quality with our eyes closed.

Best blender for nuts and seeds Comparison Chart

RankNameMaterialWeightSpecial Features
1Ninja BL610 ProfessionalPlastic7.10lbsBest For Nut Butter
2Nutribullet 600 WattPlastic5.51lbsNutrient Extractor
3Ninja BL480D NutriPlastic5.6lbsBest for Vegans
4Instant Pot Ace NovaPlastic14.95lbsBest For Almond Milk
5Vitamix E310 ExplorianTritan plastic11.50lbsProfessional Grade
6NutriBullet ZNBF30400ZPlastic9.28lbsNut Butter Food Processor
7Ninja HB152 FoodiPlastic5.49lbsBest For Almond Butter

7 best blenders Review for nut milk or Butter

We went through the internet and found out these top 7 blenders you can get to make nut milk. None of them lacks quality, but they all have their significant features. So, making a choice will be easy for you depending on the choice that suits your needs.

1. Ninja BL610 Professional Blender, 1000 Watt, 72 oz, Best Blender For Nut Butter

Do you need a blender for large batches of blending nuts? Then get this one with over 2000ml space in the jar. And for the power, you get 1000 watts which is just the right amount for crushing those nuts into bits.

Ninja Professional Blender, 1000 Watt, comes with a total crushing technology that specializes in crushing ice. It can turn ice cubes into literal snow within seconds of blending. This makes it the best blender for nut butter on this list.

Ninja BL610 Professional Blender

Product specifications 

Material: Plastic

Weight: 7.10lbs

Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.5 x 17 inches

Color: Black

Jar size: 2100 ml

Usability and durability 

With the power on this, you can for sure get a lot of use out of it. For the material quality, there shouldn’t be much concern as it comes with BPA-free plastic. It’s fairly durable but not as durable as glass.


  • It packs up good power to blend nuts 
  • The jar size is more than enough 
  • It comes with BPA free plastic jar 
  • The blender is easy to clean
  • It’s very much affordable 


  • Over time the blender may crack 
  • The jar doesn’t fall under warranty which is a bummer

2. Nutribullet 600 Watt Blender, NBR-0601, Nutrient Extractor for Nut Milk

Making smoothies goes quick and compact on the Nutribullet 600 Watt blender. This can be the perfect addition to your small kitchen for all blending purposes.

this Nutribullet blender also named Nutribullet Nutrient Extractor has the true 600-watt power experience that doesn’t disappoint. And you won’t be paying a lot of money to get your hands on this.

Nutribullet 600 Watt Blender for nut

Product Specifications

Material: Plastic

Weight: 5.51lbs

Dimensions: 11.61 x 6.85 x 12.28 inches

Color: Gray

Jar size: 700+ ml

Usability and durability 

It’s a great choice for someone who lives alone. It’s the perfect size for preparing a glass of smoothie or fresh juice. It doesn’t pack too much power for blending large batches, but it provides the power it promises. Also, it works very quickly on making smoothies.


  • This one is very compact 
  • It works quick and proper 
  • The plastic is BPA free, so your food stays safe 
  • The blender is affordable 
  • It’s super easy to clean 


  • It doesn’t have enough power for large batches 
  • The jar size is very low for bigger quantities

3. Ninja BL480D Nutri, 1000 Watt, Auto-IQ, Best Blender for Vegans

Looking for the best blender for vegans? Then Ninja BL480D can be your savior. It has a 1000watt motor that has the power to blend through nuts with ease. And the nutrient extraction feature on this provides great taste and textures in your blends.

You can rely on this one for quick blending solutions for your smoothies and juices. But for the quantity, it’s not that much. It’s suitable for someone living alone yet needs some power to blend heavy stuff like nuts.

Ninja BL480D Nutri Blender for Vegans

Product specifications

Material: Plastic

Weight: 5.6lbs

Dimensions: 15.5 x 6 x 6 inches

Color: Black and silver

Jar size: 700ml

Usability and durability 

As per usage goes, you can get this if you make smoothies or juices for a single person. You can even use that jar as a sipper too. It does a great job; you can expect a lot of days with this even after using it every day.


  • The blender is quite durable and sturdy 
  • It has got good power to blend nuts 
  • The blades work very fast 
  • It’s worth your money 
  • You can use it as a sipper as well. 


  • It makes a lot of noise 
  • It’s not suitable for large quantity blending 

4. Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender, Best Blender For Almond Milk

This is the best answer if your question is affordability. Instant Pot Ace blender comes with an amazing price tag but with loads of features. First of all, you get 10-speed settings on this which is a wonder at this price range. Then you get extreme power to blend nuts.

Adding to that comes the built-in heating element on the jar, which can warm up the food for 2 hours. You can even make hot soups on this blender. Overall, this is what you get in the best blender for almond milk.

Instant Pot Ace blender

Product specifications

Material: Plastic

Weight: 14.95lbs

Dimensions: 16.9 x 12.3 x 10.9 inches

Color: Silver

Jar size:1600ml

Usability and durability 

The jar size is enough for blending items for a whole family meal. And it has got enough power to blend large batches quickly. The material is BPA-free plastic which makes it a safe option to go for.


  • It has got 10-speed options 
  • 1000 watts of power Capacity
  • The jar capacity is 1600ml 
  • It can blend very quickly 
  • It has a smart cleaning program. 


  • Hard to clean properly because of the heating element. 
  • The blender is quite bulky and heavy.

5. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender for Nut Milk, 48 oz, Professional-Grade

Never struggle with the speed control in your blender with the Vitamix E310 in your kitchen. It has got 10 different speed controls that are precise and give you the best blending experience.

In this Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Review, we explained the perfect specifications of all the blenders. The jar size on this is almost 1500ml, which is great for making the perfect amount of nut milk every time. The motor is equally powerful enough and yields great results.  

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender for Nut Milk

Product Specifications

Material: Tritan Plastic

Weight: 11.50lbs

Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 18 inches

Color: Black/Red/Gray

Jar size: 1400+ ml

Usability and Durability

Simply, You can’t have any complaints about the material quality of this blender. It comes with Tritan plastic, which is the safest plastic you can find. And the blades are stainless steel which is known for their durability. All in all, this is a highly durable blender that is built to last. It’s the best blender for chopping nuts that you can find out there.


  • This is highly durable 
  • It comes with great power and speed 
  • This blends very quickly and smoothly
  • It’s very easy to use and clean 
  • It has great cooling and thermal protection. 


  • The jar isn’t large enough for a big family 
  • It can get a bit noisy 

6. NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 1200 Watts, Best Food Processor For Nut Butter

We think this is the best choice if you have smaller space in your kitchen but need a large quantity and great power. This NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Food Processor checks all those criteria. It has 1200 watts of power with a 1900ml capacity. And the motor is super slim and sleek.

One thing to love about this one is the premium and modern looks. Especially considering the price of this one, it’s a deal you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It gives better results than the best food processor for nut butter.

NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Food Processor

Product specifications

Material: Plastic

Weight: 9.28lbs

Dimensions: 16.6 x 12.9 x 8.8 inches

Color: Dark Gray

Jar size: 1900 ml

Usability and durability 

You will get the most usability out of this blender with everyday use. It doesn’t take up too much space, so you can store it in a cabinet. Also, it’s very easy to wash using a dishwasher.


  • Space-saving compact blender
  • Affordable and values for money 
  • Larger enough for a family 
  • The power is commendable 
  • Looks very modern and premium 


  • Not the best for durability
  • Doesn’t have many speed options 

7. Ninja (BN401) Nutri Pro with Auto-iQ, 1100-Peak-Watt, Personal Blender

What you get here is value for money, a large jar, and extreme power. Ninja Foodi Blender sounds like a complete package, doesn’t it? Well, it is a complete package. The 1100-watt peak power is enough to blend anything you throw inside.

Along with that comes the almost 1900ml jar for a family-size experience. And it has some cool advanced features that will ease up your life. All this makes it the best blender for almond butter.

Ninja (BN401) Nutri Pro with Auto-iQ, 1100-Peak-Watt, Personal Blender

Product specifications

Material: Plastic

Weight: 5.49lbs

Dimensions: 8.78 x 7.86 x 17.91 inches

Color: Black and silver

Jar size: 1900 ml

Usability and durability 

Well, the jar is large enough to blend items for a whole family meal. As for the durability, there is nothing to complain about about the materials. Also, with intelligence technology, all of your blending needs get simplified.


  • It comes with advanced features for ease 
  • You get a large jar for a larger quantity 
  • The powerful motor packs up a lot of punch
  • This is a value for money blender 
  • It’s easy to clean 


  • The built-in heating element needs careful handling 
  • It can be a bit loud 

How to Pick the Best Blender: Guideline for Buyers

Buying the best blender for nut milk has some prerequisites. Here are the considerations you have to go through-


A thousand watts of power is the least requirement for a blender to be considered for making nut butter or nut milk. You don’t want a blender that can crush the nuts but die out after that. Yes, a regular blender may make the healthiest nut milk.


You should aim for at least four speed-change options in your blenders. A higher speed will result in more power which helps your crack the nuts. And a lower speed can help in making the butter smoother and creamier. If you can get more than that, it will be much better for the quality of nut butter or milk you make.

Jar Size 

The standard size for a jar will be 1000ml. Too many nuts can have a significant impact on the blender motor and blades. In general, it’s always better to go for a larger jar because of the larger quantity. As you can store nut butter for a while, you can make a large batch every time.


If you want more durability, less trouble in cleaning, and resistance to shock from the thermal operation, but want to save some money on the jar and get a better motor, you can still go with a plastic jar. For plastic jars, you should make sure to have at least thermal resistance on them.


If a blender can last for a year without any issues, you should be satisfied with it. So, for the warranty of your blender, one year is a good duration to target for your blender warranty.

But if you can find a blender with a longer warranty period, then you should surely give that a try.


The best shape you should look for in a blender is wide on the top and narrow on the bottom. It gives the blender the perfect movement for blending your items properly.

Cleaning up

you should check if it has too many accesses to get the motor dirty. Avoid as many leaks and holes in a machine as you can. It’s a no-brainer that you will want a blender that is easy to clean. And most of the time, it’s the blenders with a glass jar rather than plastic ones.

What makes a good blender for nut milk?

When you search for the best blender for nut milk, you have to look for certain qualities. The most important thing to check out is the power. Without a powerful blender, you can’t even blend the crush of the nuts, let alone blend them. So, power is very important for a blender when it’s about nut milk.

Next up, you have to consider the blades. The strength of the blades matters a lot. Otherwise, you will break the blades of your blender while crushing the nuts. It won’t matter how powerful your blender is if the blades break after one use.

The blending speed also plays a role in making nut milk. Your blender will have more force with a faster speed, leading to better power output; it’s just basic physics.

Aside from these things, having a strainer or a nut milk bag can be very effective for making the smoothest nut milk. This feature can also add up to a quality blender for nut milk.

The work way of a blender for nut milk

work way of a blender for nut milk

Well, the working process of a blender is pretty simple to understand. You put whatever you want to blend inside, and then the blades start doing their job with a rapid rotation of sharp blades; anything you put inside cuts and crumbles into pieces. The rotation speed is usually so high that it can break or cut through a lot of things.

However, we are specifically talking about nut milk here. So, the work process of that is you put the nuts inside the jar. It can be any nut like peanut, almond, or cashews, whatever you prefer. Then you put in some water. Then you can add sugar, honey, or maple syrup; it depends on your choice.

The tricky part here is the amount of water. If you want to make nut butter, you will have to put in less water, but you will need a lot of water if you want to make nut milk. It depends on how many nuts you are using.

Also, make sure not to put all the nuts at once if you are making a larger batch because it can affect the motor and damage it. Add little by little to keep the motor safe.

Materials of a blender for nuts 

There are usually two types of materials you get for blenders. It will either be a glass jar or a plastic jar. From there on, it gets a lot of variety.

For example, different types of glasses function differently. But we won’t get into that; we will differentiate between plastic and glass only here.

  • Glass: If you go for the glass ones, you will likely get a lot of facilities. First of all, they are much more durable than plastic; you get stain resistance. Also, glass jars won’t have any food smell left from your previous blends. They are easier to clean. And these come with thermal resistance as well.

However, you have to be careful with glass jars as they can break pretty easily if they fall. Also, you have to handle these with care. Glass jars tend to be more expensive than plastic jars. But they are still worth the extra money if you want better quality.

  • Plastic: While plastic isn’t the best option, it’s still not that bad. With high-quality plastic, you still get the same benefits as a glass jar. They can also come with thermal resistance and easy cleaning facilities. But one thing you have to make sure of is that you choose the plastic jar that is BPA-free. You don’t want any toxic plastic near your food items.

Blenders and different types of nut milk

First of all, there are various types of delicious nut milk you can have. There is almond milk, vegan milk, cashew milk, and regular nut milk. Sure, you can get them from stores, but you don’t know what chemicals or ingredients they add to the milk. Also, it’s always better when you eat homemade food.

You already know how hard almonds, cashews, or any nuts can be. To get the smoothest texture from any nut milk you make, you will need a powerful blender. The blender should have enough power to crush the nuts into the smoothest possible grains. Otherwise, your nut milk won’t taste the same, and you won’t enjoy it.

So, what kind of blender should you get? Let’s check that out now.


Finally to sum up, getting the best blender for nut milk won’t be a hassle once you learn the ins and outs of it. That’s what we tried to do here. We never go for the straightforward product-only solution. We went as deep as we could to better understand blenders for making nut milk.

Among the choices, you will find what you need for sure. Some are for large families, and some are for individuals. Some come with boosted power, and some have minimal power. We also kept some budget options if you don’t want to spend too much money on blenders. But we made sure that whatever we kept on the list ensured quality to the users.


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