The Best Blender For Ice And Frozen Fruit For You!

Best Blender For Ice And Frozen Fruit

When summer comes around, we all want some nice cold smoothies! Plenty of fantastic drinks out there such as sorbets, margaritas, frappuccinos,  slushies, and whatnot. They all have one common trait, and that is they are all delicious. The catch is all these drinks require crushed ice. Crushing ice is not an easy task. A regular blender can’t handle the job. The blender must have high motor power and awesome durability. So, how to choose the best blender for ice and frozen fruit?


 As I said, the blender must have high motor power. High motor power and awesome durability don’t necessarily have to cost a ton of money. You can buy the best blender without killing your wallet. And there are more than only two factors to look for.  What you need is to know all the factors! That makes a blender suitable for this job.

 Therefore, our buying guide for the blender for ice and frozen fruit will give you an idea about what to look for. Furthermore, you will also get to know some of the best blenders for ice and frozen fruit currently available on the market. And we will also clear your doubts about how good a blender can be to blend ice and frozen fruit along the way.

A Quick Comparison Table for the Best Blender For Ice And Frozen Fruit 2021

1Hamilton Beach Professional 1500w Quiet Shield Blender- Speed range 3000
- 18000 RPM
- Dishwasher safe
- 1500 watt peak
2Cleanblend Commercial Blender - 64 oz Countertop Blender 1800 Watt Base- Works well on ice
- Large capacity
- 1800 watt
3Ninja Personal Blender (700 Watt, QB3001SS)- Small
- Easy to use
- 700 watt power pod
4Oster BLSTTSCB2000, Oster Blend-N-Go Cup Blender- Extra large 3 inch stainless steel blade
- Texter setting
- 1300 watt motor
5NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z, Nutribullet 1200 Watt Blender- Nutri Bullet blade
- For light use
- 1200 watt
6COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies- Auto blend
- Heat protection feature
- 800 watt motor
77. Black And Decker Blender, Two 20oz Jars, PB1002G- Small size
- Easy to use
- 271 watt motor
8Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver 11 Piece Set- BPA free
- For light use only
- 250 watt motor
9Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer- Cold press
- Less noise
- 150 watt
10Vitamix 5200 Blender, 64 ozu00a0,Professional-Grade- Self-Cleaning
- 7 year warranty

Why Blending ice and frozen fruit Is Awesome?

To make fantastic drinks, why else! Of course, you can add an ice cube later on to your drink. But it makes the drink less flavorful. It recommended blending ice and frozen fruit. This saves so much time and effort. It also preserves the natural flavor of the drink. You can use a juicer no harm in that. But it will reduce a large amount of fiber. We know fiber is important for our health. For the sake of good health and tasty drink, we should be blending frozen fruit, instead of using a juicer. Let’s look at some of the reasons why we should use a blender for the job. Shall we?

  • Saves time: You can use the traditional way to make juice or make a mush of ice using an ice picker. This process will consume so much of your time you will think twice before making juice again. To make things easy and to save time you should be using a blender. It just feels right when you use a blender to crush ice or frozen fruit.
  • Contains flavor: When you use a blender, it helps to measure the portion of fruit, water, and other ingredients. It doesn’t take away the natural flavor of the fruit you use. I would say blending the frozen fruit somewhat enhances its flavor, but that’s just me. Anyone who loves making their drinks uses a blender. You can adjust to such a specific texture using a blender, which is amazing.
  • Nutrients: Instead of buying the drink from a shop or bar, you’re making it yourself. That too at your home and comfort zone. This way you not only make the perfect drink, but the drink also ensures nutrients. Because you made it yourself using real frozen fruit. It will have all the natural fiber of the fruit.  What a cool and healthy way to make awesome drinks! Toss in your desired amount of ice cube and blend it. Then enjoy your healthy, nutritious drink.

best Blender For Ice And Frozen Fruit: The Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach Professional 1500w Quiet Shield Blender

hamilton beach professional blender

Firstly, Hamilton Beach Blender is a very respected brand in the high-performance blender market. It is one of the most popular blenders out there. And it has plenty of good reasons for being so. Firstly the awesome power it gives is just off the charts. On top of that, Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender comes with a quiet shield that reduces noise by 40% approximately. Available speed dial enables one to have more control over the texture of the blend.

Want to blend ice? Frozen fruit? Or any other stuff that a simple blender can’t do? Hamilton Beach Professional will blend them without breaking a sweat. Powerful and sturdy performance is its signature quality


Blades:  It has Stainless steel and hardened blades. That rotates at speeds over 105 mph to make much of any ingredient. 

Motor Power:  It has superb power of 1500 wattage/ 20 peak HP  motor. Which crushes chunks of ice, frozen fruit, or any other hard ingredient with ease.

Container Capacity:  Shatterproof 32 Oz jar which is BPA-Free. It has a temper that fits through the lid to help blend dense ingredients. The blender jar, tamper, and lid are dishwasher safe.

Speed Settings & Programs: It has a PULSE key and 4 program settings: ice crush, smoothie, pure, and one-touch cleanup. This one-touch clean-up is an easy and quite useful program. It also has variable dial speed which gives more control for a restaurant-quality result.

specialty: It comes with a quiet shield. This shield helps to reduce the noise by quite a bit. It can reduce the noise by 40% approximately.

Noise Level: Thanks to its quiet shield it makes much less sound than other high-power blenders.


  • Strong, reliable, and sturdy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Control over consistency.
  • Versatile blender.
  • quieter operation.


  • Jar low quality.
  • For one or two servings only.

2. Cleanblend Commercial Blender – 64 oz Countertop Blender 1800 Watt Base

Cleanblend Commercial Blender

Cleanblend is a well-known brand in the blender market. It is one of the most sturdy and reliable blenders. It has 1800 watt motor power, which gives it more than enough firepower to crush frozen fruit or ice cubes. You can blend nuts, vegetables, or any dense ingredients with ease.

With Cleanblend Commercial Blender, you never have to worry about finding a large chunk in your smoothie. It will make a lot of the hardest ingredients you can think of.  Large size makes it perfect for business use or serving the whole family. It is the first choice for many chefs and professional cooks. For being a perfect blender for heavy-duty performance.


With our Cleanblend Blender Review, we will let you know about all the Cleanblend blender parts

Blades: It has hardened stainless steel, good food-grade, BPA-free blades. Total of 8 blades sealed ball bearing to ensure maximum performance. These blades are unbreakable. So you don’t have to worry about replacing the blade ever.

Motor Power: As far as we know Cleanblend 1800 watt blender is the most powerful blender, with 1800 watt motor power. Built to perform heavy-duty. Variable speed control helps even more to pulverize ice or any hard ingredient. 

Container Capacity: Cleanblend Container comes with a 2 liter, or 64 oz and BPA-free plastic pitcher. The large size makes it perfect for large servings. You can meal-prep for a whole week in just one or two blends. It also has a temper that fits perfectly in the midsection, for more control over blending.

Speed Settings & Programs: It comes with 9 appliances: chop, blend, crush, grind, puree, heat, liquidity, and heat. This large blender can make perfect ice blended coffee and soup.


  • The strongest blender money can buy.
  • Large size.
  • Designed to give optimal performance.
  • Steadier blending.


  • Lacks preset function.
  • A container doesn’t lock and it’s unstable.

3. Ninja Personal Blender (700 Watt, QB3001SS)

Ninja Personal Blender

Who uses a blender and doesn’t know about Ninjas? I don’t think there would be much. Ninja is a popular brand. The brand is famous for providing strong, reliable blenders at a reasonable price. Ninja personal blender lives up to the brand name. It is a small but powerful blender. This blender comes with 700-watt motor power, which can crush through ice and frozen fruit nicely. It is a strong and hefty blender for one or two servings.

Ninja Personal Blender is a great choice if you’re looking for something small and strong. It’s one of the best budget blenders on the market.


Blades: Strong stainless steel blade.

Motor Power: It comes with 700-watt motor power. And a 36-inch long cord.

Container Capacity: It comes with two 16-oz Nutri ninja cups. Also has two sip and seal lids. If you are into learning new recipes, it has an inspiration guide for 30 recipes.

Speed Settings & Programs: It doesn’t have any fancy programs. But it has PULSE technology.


  • Quality performance.
  • Budget blender.
  • Easy to use.


  • Leaks after a few months.
  • Not for heavy use.

4. Oster BLSTTSCB2000, Oster Blend-N-Go Cup Blender

Oster BLSTTSCB2000

Oster Blender, BLSTTSCB2000 is a quality blender. With 1200 watt motor power, alike Oster Pro 1200 Blender, it assures you awesome strength and durability. You can get this fine blender at a decent price. It crushes ice and frozen fruit just like any strong blender should. But also does more than that! It has texture settings. That enables you to customize food prep and blend to your recipes and tastes.

Oster Blend-N-Go Cup has a dual-direction blade. This technology not only gives powerful blending but also consistent results. It gives three extra settings for thick, medium, and thin. You can get specific textures with ease. A great choice for personal use.


Blades: It has an extra-wide 3-inch, 6-point stainless steel blade. The dual direction blade Technology ensures awesome blending and reliable consistency.

Motor Power: This blender offers 1200 watt strong motor power. A solid base for a strong blender.

Container Capacity: It has two(24-ounce) Oster Blend-N-Go Cup.

Speed Settings & Programs: It has 4 manual settings: high, medium, low, and PULSE technology.

It also includes 3 texture settings: thick, medium, thin, and 3 food modes: food chop, shake, Smoothie. So many settings and programs that it gives you all the freedom to blend just the way you want. This blender has an 8 cup dishwasher-safe Tritan jar.


  • Powerful and durable.
  • Versatility.
  • Wallet-friendly.
  • Variety of texture.
  • Comes with 8-cup and 2 large cups.


  • Leakage problem.
  • Difficult to clean.

5. NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z, Nutribullet 1200 Watt Blender

Nutribullet ZNBF30400Z

Nutribullet is another giant company for blenders. This is a superb model with an elegant design. Which can be an extra addition to your kitchen. It runs on a 1200 watt powerful motor. Within a fair budget, Nutribullet Blender holds its own. While other blenders in a similar budget range fall short of performance comparison. It can make a smooth smoothie, crushing ice, pureed nut butter, even other hard ingredients without much difficulty.

It doesn’t have my fancy features or programs but it does provide quality blending. Which is pretty good at such a reasonable price. It can be a fine choice if you’re looking for a blender with around 1200 watts of strength.


Blades: Powerful stainless steel blade. It’s designed with cyclonic action. 

Motor Power: Nutribullet 1200 Watt Blender has a 1200 Watt strong motor power crushed through the ice, frozen fruit, veggies, and any other hard ingredients. 

Container Capacity: It has 64 oz with a lid. Nutribullet cup sizes give a vented lid cap. For more control over blending, they give temper. The pitcher is dishwasher-free and easy to clean.

Speed Settings & Programs: It has a three-speed function for perfect blending. PULSE technology helps to blend precisely. And a recipe book to inspire.


  • Powerful and durable at a lower price.
  • Simple controls.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Large capacity pitcher.


  • No preset blending program.
  • Loud noise.

6. COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

COSORI Blender is a fine choice if you’re looking for a budget blender. This Blender runs on powerful 800-watt motor power and is designed with a high-torque base. It makes RPM peak at 23000 which is enough to crush ice, frozen fruit, or any other dense ingredient. The Blender also has an auto blend function too. Auto mode blends in 3 seconds intervals with a 1-second break. Automatically shuts off after 10 minutes.

It has PULSE technology. You can press and hold the PULSE button to blend ingredients at the highest speed. The parts are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


In our Cosori Blender Review, we discussed all the major features as follows.

Blades: It has hardened stainless steel blades. These blades have 3 different blade edges. Blunt edge can nuts, ice, seeds, and other hard ingredients. Sharp edges easily cut through vegetables and fruit. The whole blade is great for vitamin and nutrient extraction.

Motor Power:  It has 800-watt motor power and makes RPM peak at 23000.

Container Capacity:  It has a storage lid and travel lid. Two 24oz containers and one 12oz container. To clean properly they provide cleaning brushes themself. It also has a recipe book and dishwasher-feater-free parts.

Speeds: It has three buttons: start/stop, auto, and pulse. It also includes a recipe book.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Auto shut off feature.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not for heavy use.
  • Noisy.

7. Black And Decker Blender, Two 20oz Jars, PB1002G

Black And Decker Fusion Blade Personal Blender

Black And Decker Fusion Blade Personal Blender is a small-sized budget blender. It has a motor power of 275 watts. Surprisingly it is powerful enough to blend ice into snow, frozen fruit, etc. It has an on/off switch to simply use the blender. This blender has a travel-friendly jar, you can travel with it anywhere.


In our Black And Decker Blender Reviews, we discussed all the major features as follows.

Blades: It has powerful stainless steel FusionBlade.

Motor power: It has a 275-watt powerful motor.

Container Capacity:  It comes with two 20 ounce jars. These jars have twist-on travel lids. So that you can carry them wherever you go.

Speed settings & programs: It doesn’t have any fancy programs. Just one switch for on/off and simple use.


  • Low price.
  • Best for single-use.
  • Travel-friendly jar.
  • Easy to use.


  • Noisy.

8. Magic Bullet Blender Small Silver 11 Piece Set

Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Blender is the most popular bullet blender on the market. It might be the most popular personal blender in the world. It can be used for all sorts of cooking purposes. With the help of a cross blade, you can chop onions, garlic without bawling your eyes out.

Magic bullet blender comes with a 250-watt power motor. Perfect for blending, mixing, chopping, grinding, whipping, and more. It comes with an 11 piece blender set such as additional blender cups, recipe books, blades, and more.


In our Magic Bullet Blender Reviews, we discussed all the Magic Bullet Parts as follows.

Blades: The 11 piece set comes with a cross blade. Which is a 4-pronged stainless steel blade. This is for the usual blending, chopping purpose. The 15 piece set comes with a flat blade. This is for grinding and chopping.

Motor power: It has a 250-watt powerful motor.

Container Capacity:  Magic bullet cup size is moderate by shape. It has three short cups 12-ounce, and a tall cup, party cup both have an 18-ounce size.

Speed settings & programs: No program or speed settings. Only on/off switch.


  • Cups are microwave safe.
  • Very affordable.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • The cup size is very small.
  • Made from cheap plastic.

9. Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer

Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer

Omega 365 Cold Press Juicer is a bit different from the previous ones. It uses low speed and gentle power to get the most amount of taste and nutrition from ingredients. Omega Juicer lets you juice pretty much anything. It comes with 150-watt motor power. Which runs on a combination of low and high speed of 90-110b RPM. It exposes the ingredient to less oxygen which preserves enzyme and nutrition value. The cold press function makes it a unique machine.


In our Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer Review, we discussed all the Magic Bullet Parts as follows.

Blades: Stainless steel blades.

Motor power: It has 150-watt motor power.

Container Capacity:  Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer has a variety of parts such as juice collector, screen, feeding chute, etc.

Speed settings & programs: Runs on a combination of low-high speeds of 90-110b RP. NO extra programs.


  • Maximum yield from nutrients.
  • Versatile.
  • Low price.
  • Durable.
  • 15-year warranty.


  • Small chute.

10. Vitamix 5200 Blender, 64 oz ,Professional-Grade

Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix is a pretty well-known brand for its home blenders. It is one of the best models of the company. Even though the design is old-fashioned, the performance is top quality. You can use this blender roughly and heavily and it won’t show any sign of a problem. It comes with a powerful motor that can speed the blades so fast that it can make cold ingredients hot in 6 minutes. It’s a perfect blender for making soup. Whether you want to chop, grind, blend, heat, or puree this blender will not fail to perform.

Vitamix 5200 comes with self-cleaning technology. So its effortless cleaning system will save a lot of time and hassle.  With durability, versatility, sturdiness, power this blender has everything you need. The only demerit it has is its high price. The price may suggest it for only professional use but we assure you it’s a great choice for most families.


In our Vitamix 5200 Blender Reviews, we discussed all the Magic Bullet Parts as follows.

Blades: It has hardened stainless steel blades. Air-craft-based blades are designed to blend even the hardest ingredients. So from the first use to the last, you will get the same result.

Motor power: Powerful focused 1380 motor power. It does 11.5 Amps and HP- 2-peak.

Container Capacity: Vitamix 5200 Blender comes with 64 oz. pretty large container. It has a classic tamper and 6 fit long cord. It also has a 10-speed dial control.

Speed settings & programs: It has a thermal protocol system and radial cooling fan. It comes with a guide with DVDs.


  • Powerful and reliable.
  • Different speed settings.
  • Can heat up soup.
  • Super strong aircraft-based blade.


  • High price.
  • Takes time to learn. Settings u0026 Program

What Is The Best Blender For Frozen Fruit

Blender For Frozen Fruit

Our choice for the best blender for frozen fruit is none other than Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender. Hamilton beach is a giant company. It has many famous products in the market and Hamilton beach professional Quiet Blender is one of them. It has a 1500 watt powerful motor which is incredible. You must be worried. A powerful motor like this is quite noisy. Well, a powerful blender does not avoid that. But Hamilton beach professionals come with a sound shield. It reduces a lot of noise. It does a quality job blending ice, soups, nuts. But it excels at blending frozen fruit or making a smoothie. It is the best blender to make easy, creamy, and smooth drinks.

Blender For Frozen Fruit : Budget option

Our choice for the best budget blender for frozen fruit is Ninja Personal Blender. You don’t have to be a pro blender user to know this brand. Ninja is a well-known brand for being a hefty, strong, reliable, and budget blender. Ninja Personal Blender specializes in frozen fruit blending. You can also use it to blend ice, nuts, and vegetables. 

It has a 700-watt power pod. Which is surprisingly not that much compared to other popular blenders out there. But we assure you 700 watts is just enough to get the perfect smoothie out of it. Why go for higher power when you don’t need it? Ninja Personal Blender gives optimal performance when it comes to blending frozen fruit, vegetables and making a smoothie.

What’s The Best Blender To Crush Ice

Blender To Crush Ice

Our choice for the best blender to crush ice is Cleanblend Commercial Blender. Now this blender is quite popular among chefs and professional cooks. It has an 1800 watt base and immensely strong motor power. Large size and high power make it the first choice for business use. But a ton of people use it for home usage. If you love a homemade drink with crushed ice, then this blender should be your first choice too. It is known for its heavy-duty and high-performance blending. Crushes ice perfectly, and it replaces up to 9 appliances. You can use this blender to make a large portion of ice-crushed drinks for your whole family.

Blender To Crush Ice : Budget option

Personal Blender  Sboly is the best budget blender for crushing ice. It is a small single-use blender. Perfect for a single serving. It has 300-watt motor power which does a pretty fine job of crushing ice and green leaves. The decent power in such a small blender is quite amazing. If you don’t overuse it, this small guy can back you up for a long time.

Can you put ice and frozen fruit in a blender?

Well, it is your blender you can do whatever you want. But from a professional standpoint, we have to say it depends on your blender.

It was probably made specifically for blending ice and frozen fruit if it is good quality, high-power, durable blender. If it is low quality or low motor power, not so durable then it’s for simple use. Such as blending fruits, vegetables, and green leaves. For different kinds of needs, there are different kinds of blenders. Not all lenders are equal. A simple and not-so-sturdy blender can crush chunks of ice or frozen fruit. The blade will be damaged or the motor will burn. Even if it doesn’t damage any drink, a smoothie whatever you try to make won’t be smooth. It will have a small chunk of fruit in it. That takes away the fun from the drink.

 So, yes you can blend ice and frozen fruit in a blender. For that, you need the best quality blender. To make the best smoothie you need the best blender as simple as that.

How To Choose The Best Blender For Ice and Frozen Fruit
Buying Guide

If you’re specifically looking for a blender for ice and frozen fruit, then you need strong motor power with durable blades. This is a must-have feature, you don’t get any get-around option. If you chose to go for a weaker motor, that blender won’t have the firepower to crush ice. The weaker blade will break easily and you have to replace them now and then. 

It is not easy to go through all the options and features to find out the best blender for ice and frozen fruit. Are you wondering how to choose the best blender? Then keep reading this handy guide!


Of course, the blender needs to have a powerful motor. Many blenders even with many cool features fall short on the motor power section. If you check you will find out your average blender doesn’t have the power to crush ice and frozen fruit. 

But exactly how powerful is good enough? And how much would be overkill? The ideal motor power to crush ice and frozen fruit fall between 1000 watts to 1500 watts. That is almost equal to motor power with 1.34 to 2.0 horsepower.

The average blender uses around 0.67 horsepower or 500 watts. You see, it’s not enough to crush ice and frozen fruit. That being said, if you thaw your frozen fruit and use a smaller ice cube you may get the job done even with a lower power blender. Remember lower power blenders are budget-friendly.


IF you want the best, it’s going to be a bit pricey. Especially when you want a blender for ice and frozen fruit it will cost you more than the average blender. Are you looking for a budget blender? Or are you willing to pay more to get the best? Doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can always get a decent blender within your budget. We covered plenty of budgets and expensive blenders in this article.

Blender used for ice, frozen fruit needs a high-power motor, sturdy blades, unique container design, and superior material. So obviously, these ice-crushing blenders will cost a bit more.

Of course, We have seen many people buying budget blenders just to save a few bucks. And later on, regretting it. We recommend not sacrificing quality over price. Save for a few months if you have to then go for a quality blender.


Blades are an equally important feature like motor power. People usually overlook blades when buying a blender. They don’t realize just how important a role blades play to crush ice, frozen fruit, nuts, and any other hard ingredients. 

Firstly the blades need to be high quality and quality depends on design and material. Many think sharpness is great for the blending process. It is wrong, The sharpness of blades doesn’t do much for various ingredients. Instead of sharpness, you should look for blade material, thickness, and size. Angles also play a role in blender performance. Longer blades that have an edge close to the jar will do a fantastic job by blending pretty much anything.

Design Of Container

This feature is also overlooked by many consumers. The ability to crush ice and frozen fruit depends a lot on the design of the container. Allow us to explain.  The design of the container or blending jar is important because it influences the flow of ingredients. For optimal blending, the flow of the ingredient must be flawless.

The blender we use for ice, frozen fruit creates a vortex-like flow. It creates this flow by sucking the frozen ingredient towards the blade. The fast and durable blades then force the ingredient to the upper side of the container and back to the top. This flow crushes ice to a snow-like texture and any other hard-ingredient such as frozen fruit, nuts.

The narrow and tall container enables you to use a spatula. Pushing down the ingredients toward blades. This way ingredients like ice can fall toward the blade easily. It doesn’t allow the ingredient to travel much distance. 

There are usually two types of containers: plastic, glass. The material of plastic and glass containers is crucial. The container size is also an important feature. The glass container should be made of impact-resistant glass. The plastic container should be made of polycarbonate. If it’s made of other cheap material then it’s a red signal not to buy it.

Usability & Features

These blenders are usually packed with features. So sometimes it may get a bit difficult to use. Which requires a learning curve. But not all blenders for ice and frozen fruits are difficult to use. There are a lot of quality blenders out there that are easy to use.

 A blender that you will use on a daily basis shouldn’t be difficult to use. Before buying one check the interface and features first. And if you’re willing to put some time into learning the machine then go for it.

Benefit Of Using Blender For Ice & Frozen fruit

There are a lot of benefits to it. Firstly, using a blender for ice and frozen fruit is the right and sufficient way to do it. Because it saves tons of time and effort. Most of these blenders have many features. Last, of all, These features allow you to make specific textures, speed control, chop, blend, heat, and more. How awesome is that? 

From a nutrition point of view, blending contains fiber. Fiber helps your body to absorb plenty of nutrients and improve your gut health.


1. Is it safe to blend ice and frozen fruit?

 -Yes, it’s completely safe.

 2. Can I use a regular blender to blend ice and frozen fruit?

 – No, regular blenders don’t have the motor power or strong blade to do the job.

 3. Can I buy a blender for ice and frozen fruit for personal/professional use only?

 – Yes, you can use these blenders for both personal and professional work.

 4. Is it very difficult to operate these blenders?

 – Not at all. Most of them are user-friendly and few require a learning curve.

 5. Are they all expensive?

 – No, there are expensive and budget blenders for ice and frozen fruit.


Frozen fruit smoothies are delicious. But it has to be blended well and have the right texture. If you find a chunk of fruit in the smoothie it will ruin the taste. That’s why a blender for ice and frozen fruit is so important. Quality blender specializes in blending hard ingredients such as nuts and tough vegetables.  They also have many programs and settings to make your life easy. 

We recommend Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender and Cleanblend Commercial Blender as top-quality blenders. These are a bit expensive.  If you’re looking for a budget blender we recommend Ninja Personal Blender and Personal Blender Slowly. We reviewed a total of 12 top blenders in this article. Pick one which fulfills your needs.


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