Best white rice brands for your meal

Best white rice brands

What would you say if I told you that there are over 3.5 billion people who depend on rice for more than 20% of their daily calorie intake? and also they are about to search for the best white rice brands, That’s about half of the world population. Rice is such a versatile product, not only does it serve as one important ingredient in dishes but also contains valuable nutrients and can be found throughout many cultures’ cuisines across Asia. Where consumption rates tend to highest levels to Latin America with 39 countries having staple foods consisting mainly or entirely made from this simple carbohydrate source.

The rice you eat can make or break your dish. There are many types to choose from, but we’re here with the best ones for every occasion. There’s white sushi rice that will keep its shape when mixed into other foods like soups and desserts. Brown jasmine variety is perfect in dishes such as pilafs (a traditional Indian meal). While basmati offers rich texture similar to what one might find at an Italian restaurant – just add it straight onto plates without any other ingredients besides itself because this type doesn’t stick together. But in this article, we will learn about only the best white rice brands on the market which will make your dish delicious.

There are a lot of different types to choose from when it comes down to deciding on what type of rice will work best for you. You should always consider taste, texture, and quality as well as nutritional content before making your decision though.

Benefits of White Rice

rice health benifit

There is no one right amount of stress that is safe for all people. You deserve the best possible results from your diet, and white rice is definitely one of the benefits it has. The most important thing is to always eat in moderation or as prescribed by your dietitian.

A Rich Source Of Manganese:

Including white rice in your diet can help you get a nutrient-rich meal. One cup of steamed white rice will provide 0.6 milligrams of manganese, which is 1/4th and ⅓rds that recommended daily intake for men and women according to the Institute of Medicine respectively.

The manganese’s role in our body allows us to obtain energy from vitamins and minerals, collagen production to promote wound healing, cellular protection against damage as well as preventing cell death.

Aids Digestion:

The lack of phytic acid in white rice is why it’s a great choice for people with digestive problems. Phytic acid helps to control the absorption of minerals, which can be beneficial for those who have sensitive stomachs.

Low Arsenic content

The lower arsenic level found in white rice as compared to brown rice is controversial. Some people believe that the lower amount of arsenic present in white rice is because it has been rinsed off more times, which removes some of the harmful toxins. Others believe that this difference could be due to different growing conditions or soil quality – whichever explanation factors into it.

Enriched in Vitamins and Minerals

White rice is a great source of many nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Some of these include thiamine and niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid, manganese, selenium, and iron.

Boosts Immune System

We recommend eating white rice as part of a healthy diet. It’s full of Manganese which helps boost our immune system and fights off potential diseases.

The Best White Rice Brands in 2022

I have gathered and ranked the top 15 best white rice brands so you will be able to choose from which among the rice brands seen in groceries are good to try.

Nishiki Medium Grain Premium Rice

1. Nishiki Medium Grain Premium Rice

Brand: Nishiki

Weight: 15.3 Pounds

Dimensions : 18 x 12 x 4 inches

Nishiki Medium Grain is the best rice for your recipes. It’s harvested in California and offers a great deal when it comes to packaging, with 15 pounds per bag enough food for four people who eat at least one meal made of rice every week.

 The name may sound like something Japanese but this variety isn’t imported from Japan – instead, they grow their crops here on American soil (although there are some exceptions). If you’re looking into different types then short-grains will be stickier than long ones.

Medium-grain rice is perfect for onigiri, the Japanese food that looks like an egg ball. Nishiki has a slightly lower stickiness than hulled grains and can still be eaten with chopsticks out of your bowl because it’s so sticky.


  • It’s Non-GMO rice.
  • Natural produce rice from California.
  • Great source of texture.
  • At a reasonable price.


  • Slightly lower stickiness than hulled grains.

2.   Good Reason White Calrose Rice

Good Reason White Calrose Rice

Brand: Good Reason

Weight: 2 Pounds

Dimensions : 9.1x 4.8 x 2.3 inches

The consistency of white rice is important. Would you like your rice to be slightly moist and tender, or just more well-done? If the answer is “tender”, then go for medium-grain white rice and Good Reason White Rice in this case.

White rice comes in different grain sizes – short, medium, and long. The Good Reason brand is imported from the USA, and it contains the premium quality that every member of your family will love.

With its budget-friendly price tag, this type of white rice is perfect for everyday use at home or on the go. One thing to note about this particular brand is that it has a sticky quality so rinsing before cooking will be necessary.


  • It’s Gluten-Free rice.
  • Great taste and aroma
  • Organic & nutritional rice
  • Flavorful medium grain rice
  • Consistent texture and premium quality
  • The budget-friendly price


  • It has a sticky quality so you have to rinse it before cooking.

3. Annie Chun’s Cooked White Sticky Rice

Brand: Annie Chun’s

Weight: 7.36 Ounces

Dimensions : ‏ 12.13x 6.57 x 6.14 inches

Annie Chun’s Rice is the perfect rice for those who are looking to cook or eat healthier. This brand does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavorings, or dangerous ingredients which makes it a better choice than other brands on the market today. The convenience factor of this rice is unbeatable. It comes fully cooked and ready to eat in just two minutes.

The authentic Asian flavors of Annie Chun will make your taste buds go wild! With a focus on quality ingredients, the brand has been around for over 30 years. With Annie Chun, you can have a tasty meal at home in no time. If it’s your own special dish that needs to be recreated and delivered right off the cuff then this brand will handle all of those pesky details for you. while still managing quality ingredients. Simply peel away their cover on any variety pack or package; pop them into the microwave until hot/suitable (whatever is preferred); mix together with toppings if desired before eating immediately.


  • Delicious freshly cooked.
  • No artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives
  • microwave-safe individual container.
  • Ready to eat in under 2 minutes.


  • Too much fluctuate its price than others.

4. Mahatma Extra Long-Grain White Rice

4. Mahatma Extra Long-Grain White Rice

Brand: Mahatma

Weight: 4.98 Pounds

Dimensions : 6.5 x 12 x 12 inches

This brand of long-grain white rice is perfect for your family because it comes with Thiamin, Niacin, Fluorite, Iron, and Potassium.

It’s made without GMO or MSG and has no added preservatives so you can trust this product. Mahatma extra long-grain white rice matches perfectly with many dishes thanks to its fascinating flavor.

Preparing this fluffy rice is simple – just cook on a stovetop or in the microwave. Buy this product from us to create tasty casseroles and fresh salads for the ones you love.


  • Extra long-grain white rice
  • Free of GMO, MSG, and added preservatives
  • Perfect fluffy texture and flavor
  • Great  source of Thiamin, Niacin, Flourite, Iron, and Potassium
  • Easy to prepare stovetop or in the microwave.


  • Hardly found any cons to say.


5. Augason Farms Long Grain White Rice

Augason Farms Long Grain White Rice

Brand: Augason Farms

Weight: 24 Pounds

Dimensions : 11 x 11 x 13.64 inches

Next, we have the Augason Farms Long Grain White Rice. This rice is perfect for those who cook their own meals often and at a lot of people’s tables- thanks to its extra-large packaging. It will meet your needs as well or better than anything else out there if you’re cooking in bulk quantities, like an entire restaurant feeder tray full (500 servings) with this 24-pound bucketful worth which comes lender me 10 kilos/22 pounds.

Compared to other rice on the market, this one has an unbeatable 30-year shelf life! It’s also gluten-free and diet-friendly so it can be enjoyed by everyone in your family. The product comes from a 45+year old brand that only harvests top quality rice grown right here in America – providing you with nutritional content without any added sugars or preservatives.”


  • Certified Gluten-Free.
  • No artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives
  • Focus on taste and nutrition
  • Longest Shelf Life.


  • The container can be damaged when carry.

6. Three Rings Thai Sticky Rice

Three Rings Thai Sticky Rice

Brand: Three Rings

Weight: 10 Pounds

Dimensions : 17.24 x 10.16 x 4.37 inches

Thailand is the home of some really amazing food and Three Rings rice might just be one example. This sticky, sweet variety cooks up quickly with no special steps needed to give it a deliciously satisfying result. Ideal for sushi and similar dishes as well Asian recipes that require sticky rice because with its sweet taste many will find it appealing to their palates? It bakes up quickly so special steps or processes aren’t needed; just allow time when cooking according.

So, you’re looking for a tasty but healthy treat that won’t break your diet? Well, Three Rings Sticky Rice is just what the doctor ordered! It’s made with only natural ingredients and has no artificial flavors or preservatives – so it will truly satisfy even those picky eaters in your family. It’s easy enough to carry around as its 10-pound package comes equipped with handles that make carrying this tasty treat super convenient.


  • Rich in protein and contains gluten
  • No artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives
  • Perfect for sticky rice
  • Excellent Glutinous Rice


  • Not short-grain rice.

7. Hill’s Select Long Grain White Rice

Hill’s Select Long Grain White Rice

Brand: Hill’s Select

Weight: 2.05 Pounds

Dimensions : 10 x 7.5 x 3.4 inches

Another best-selling rice brand on this list is Hill’s Select long-grain white rice. With premium quality, this product is a staple ingredient for any meal and in every kitchen.

It has no fat, cholesterol, or sodium so it can be an excellent option for your health! Moreover, it comes from freshly milled American grown white rice that was made to perfection by a family-owned farm in Arkansas.

This product makes cooking simple: you can use the instant pot or make sure that you always have preheated long grain White Rice with great taste ready to go when needed because both these methods are available on its packaging.


  • Free of fat, cholesterol, and sodium
  • High-quality long grain
  • gluten-free rice
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Easily prepared in a rice cooker
  • Flavor and ease of cooking.


  • Not certified organic rice.

8. Kraft Minute White Rice

 Kraft Minute White Rice

Brand: Kraft

Weight: 9.6 Pounds

Dimensions : 14.09 x 13.39 x 7.2 inches

This product from Kraft Minute is long-grain rice, a great option for people who don’t like sticky or pre-cooked rice. Nutritious and delicious with all the vitamins and minerals your family needs to stay healthy. Quicker than it sounds; 5 minutes preparation time (not including cooking).

The easiest way for a busy mom like me who doesn’t want dishes waiting at home too long after cooking has been completed- just bring equal parts water (or broth) & steamy browned Minute White Rice together until fluffy yet still firm; then simply let stand before eating!–which means no more dirty pots.


  • Ready in just five minutes
  • long-grain rice
  • No cooking required
  • Can be added to soups and stews
  • Comes from American farmers


  • Only have long grain rice.
Koshihikari Rice by Shirakiku

9. Koshihikari Rice by Shirakiku

Brand: Shirakiku

Weight: 15.01 Pounds

Dimensions : 17.72 x 13.78 x 2.76 inches

Koshihikari rice, is an assortment of Japanese cultivars that are imported to America. This product represents one way for people who love eating sushi or cooking with different types of grains can enjoy the culture found in Japan without having any physical manifestation present at home.

Koshihikari is the best option for sushi lovers, with its sweet aroma and firmness. It has a naturally occurring sugary taste that makes it great as well! The rice can be cooked in 20 minutes max so you’re not going to have any problems when cooking time starts getting precious at your house or office kitchen counter space isn’t enough room left over after making all those delicious meals from scratch every day–just grab one bagged box of organic simmering rice to make sushi rolls and dishes easier.


  • Short grain with a naturally sweet aroma
  • Japanese-style sushi rice.
  • No artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives
  •  Excellent Glutinous Rice


  • Aged medium grain rice.

10. Iberia Jasmine Rice

Brand: Iberia

Weight: 05 Pounds

Dimensions : 12.17 x 8.27 x 2.48 inches

Iberia Jasmine Rice has a beautiful, luxurious aroma that fills your kitchen. The rice offers the perfect balance of firmness and fluffiness when cooked to perfection with just enough fragrance for you to linger in front of its skillet or pot on those lazy days where all we want is something satisfying yet simple like sticky IJR!

It’s harvested from various countries around Europe so it can offer different textures depending upon what kind tastes best – whether short-grain/medium grain (promised soft corny taste), long grains.

Whether you’re vegan or simply looking to invest more care in what you eat, Iberia Jasmine Rice is a valid gluten-free option that’s great for any household and will work with most needs. Simply put: Turn towards jasmine rice if your goal isn’t just taste but also health!


  • Naturally sourced rice
  • Pretty easy to cook
  • Long and fluffy grain
  • Naturally aromatic and also delicious
  • Non-GMO and naturally gluten-free
  • Easy to serve


  • Probably price-gouging.

11. Bombay Market Basmati White Rice

Bombay Market Basmati White Rice

Brand: Bombay Market

Weight: 4 Pounds

Dimensions : 11.26 x 8.11 x 2.64 inches

The best rice in the world is from India and we have just found it! This imported basmati white rice has a unique nutty flavor because of its soil. It also offers low-calorie content, making this product perfect for those who want to maintain their health without sacrificing taste or elegance when eating healthy food options.

If you are looking for rice that will enhance the taste of any meal, look no further than Bombay Market’s Basmati. The longer grain and low gluten make this perfect substitute in dishes with richer flavors like Indian food or Asian cuisine. While still remaining tooth-friendly due to its delicately fragrant fragrance which can’t be matched by other rice on grocery store shelves.


  • Rich in protein and contains low gluten
  • No artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives
  • Cooking Directions Included
  • No need to soak or wash
  • Naturally Aromatic Basmati Rice


  • Expensive to compare others.
Riceland Extra Long Grain White Ri

12. Riceland Extra Long Grain White Rice

Brand: Riceland Foods

Weight: 20.1 Pounds

Dimensions :18 x 12.3 x 3 inches

This rice is not only nutritious but it’s also a great food choice for those who have special dietary needs. The long-grain variety means that you can enjoy this carbohydrate without worrying about any MHz cholesterol, sodium, or gluten content getting in your way of eating healthy.

With Riceland Extra Long Grain White Rice being made from high-quality grains grown right here at home on American soil – there really aren’t many more excuses needed when cooking up some tasty dishes with flavorful ingredients like meats seafood & vegetables


  • Extra Long grain
  • High-quality grains and harvested in the U.S
  • Free from cholesterol, sodium, gluten, and fat
  • No artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives


  • Not short-grain rice.
Kokuho Rose Rice

13. Kokuho Rose Rice

Brand: Kokuho

Weight: 10 Pounds

Dimensions : 14.5 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches

You’ll find yourself making a delicious addition to your main dish when you use Kokuho for sushi, sashimi, or Asian dishes. With only 20 minutes of cooking time in water or broth, this rice has an excellent flavor that will satisfy even the most finicky eater.

A medium-grain body milled and polished before packing makes it perfect Asian cuisine, though it’s marketed specifically towards those who enjoy eating authentic Japanese food. Indeed many do fishermen across California have discovered how good their prized possession tastes when used with other recipes too.

Kokuho Rose Rice has been providing some of the best quality rice in America since 1948. The company’s production facilities are sophisticated and they have an extensive list as to where their sticky or long-grain rice can be found from sushi toppings, chilled salads paired with chicken soup stock made from scratch using ingredients such as this time.

With the right ingredients, cooking can be fun and rewarding. You’ll have access to a variety of dishes that are sure not only to please your taste buds but also to fill you up with nutrients. When shopping for rice options keep in mind quality as well, look out for preservatives or additives – class A products should have none added


  • Milled and water polished before packing
  • The best quality rice in the U.S.
  • Perfect for sticky rice
  •  Excellent Glutinous Rice


  • Not naturally Aromatic Rice
Cajun country medium grain rice

14. Cajun country medium grain rice

Brand: Cajun Country

Weight: 4.95 Pounds

Dimensions : 12.4 x 7 x 2.2 inches

Cajun Country Medium Grain Rice is one of the most versatile types and best options for people looking into this kind, with it naturally being free from gluten as well cholesterol. It also has very low sodium content which makes it an ideal choice when you’re trying to eat healthy at dinner time

The small or large portion sizes that are available depend on whether someone in your family would like more food than usual since they can have smaller amounts too making lunchboxes easy peasy lemon squeezy literally.

The texture of this rice is a lot softer than other brands, making it great for all kinds of cuisines. It can also be slightly sticky which makes the food more versatile in different dishes from Asian to Italian cuisine! This 5-pound bag will last you through enough meals so don’t worry about running out or having leftovers when cooking up those amazing recipes.


  • Naturally gluten, cholesterol, and sodium-free
  • No artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives
  • A softer and stickier grain


  • Expensive to compare others.
Nozomi Super Premium Short Grain Rice

15. Nozomi Super Premium Short Grain Rice 

Brand: Nozomi

Weight: 15 Pounds

Dimensions : 16.77 x 10.47 x 2.91 inches

For those who want to make Asian dishes such as sushi or pudding, this type will be perfect for you. Because it has been designed with these specific purposes in mind and can help cooking go much smoother. Nozomi’s Super Premium Short Grain Rice does not clump together easily when cooked which makes preparing food even faster than usual – making sure your dish tastes just right every time around.

Eventually, The rice grains are very small they have a fresh, nutty aroma and it’s perfect for adding flavor to any meal. It can also be served as an alternative side dish that provides essential nutrients because it is full of vitamins C&E with no GMO ingredients so you know you’re eating healthy food without compromising taste or quality.


  • Premium sushi rice
  • Short grain rice
  • Full of essential nutrients and vitamins.
  • Perfect for sticky rice
  • It is GMO-free
  • Fresh and nutty aroma
  • The cooking process is much easier.


  • Expensive to compare others.

Buying Guide

If you need help picking out the best white rice for your family, here is an easy guide to follow.

Short, Medium, or Long-Grain: Accordingly, the rice shape and length, white rice can be categorized into three types. Let’s discover the difference between these different long-, medium- or short-grain varieties.

 Long grain has bigger grains with fluffy, light texture when cooked.

Medium grain is more tender and moist than long-grained – it also has shorter kernels which makes it great for making sushi rolls too.

Short Grains have smaller grains that are sticky in texture after cooking; they’re perfect for making your favorite sushi roll.

Texture: Some people like the texture of sticky, white rice while others don’t. This is why you should consider all of your options before buying it, and choose a different product if that’s what suits you better. In addition to stickiness, short-grain white rice also has an undercooked taste. long-grain white rice is tasteless and doesn’t get sticky as quickly when cooked. There are reviews for both products at the bottom which can help you decide between them more easily.

Aroma: If you love eating white rice that is incredibly aromatic and has a subtle flavor, choose the Basmati or Jasmine long-grain white rice. The delicate flavors of these types make them perfect for dishes like Dal, curry, stir fry meals. They are also known as Thai fragrant rice because they have a great texture when cooked and are common in Asian cuisine such as Indian or Thai food but can be used with almost any dish.

Cooked Or Uncooked? Cooking white rice can be a tedious process, however. If you are busy with strict schedules, instant rice can be an easy and convenient option to consider if you want something quick but healthy. Instant rice also comes in many flavors so that they taste better than the traditional version of cooked rice.

How To Cook White Rice?

How to cook white rice.jpg

If you have been having trouble with your pot bottom sticking to the rice and it’s overcooked, then don’t worry! That is not a mistake – it’s because one of the most common ways to cook rice is by using a good quality cooker like this one! Here are some tips for making sure that doesn’t happen:

Step 1: You will need to put the white rice in a large colander and rinse it with cold water. At first, you will see the milky-colored liquid coming out of the bag as if it were milk. You might need to rinse for 2-3 times before all of that goes away, but don’t worry! Rinsing is not just about removing excess water; it also helps clean off any dirt or contaminants on the surface. Once your hand was dry you can leave some moisture on top to help keep humidity levels up when cooking.

Step 2: Begin by adding water into the rice cooker with the long-grain white rice. Generally, the 1:1 ratio works best for most long-grain white rice but be careful because some varieties may require less or even more than this. If you are using a different type of rice, make sure it is added in accordance with your needs! After this step has been completed, simply start cooking and let your machine do its job for you. The machine will automatically shut off when done cooking; otherwise, close all vents on it so that steam doesn’t escape and ruin the meal.

Step 3: Let the rice rest for 10-15 minutes in order to avoid it being overly sticky.

Step 4: Using a spatula, flutter the rice. Transfer into a bowl or pot.

You can easily make your rice for later by cooking it in the rice cooker. You should remember to not cook it longer than the maximum time that is advised, and you will be just fine.

Health and Nutrition Facts About White Rice

Nutricious fact of white rice.jpg

There are several things you should be aware of when deciding if white rice is ideal for use in your favorite recipes. For one, brown rice has more nutrients than white rice. This means that some of the vitamins and minerals found in brown rice aren’t present as extensively in white rice. Additionally, it’s important to note that not all recipes call for white Rice, so it’s also possible to include a variety of other ingredients in your recipe without having to switch gears completely.

There are many different types of rice, but brown rice is the entire grain. White rice is only the endosperm. It’s processed to make it easier to cook and last longer on store shelves- two things that may not be worth considering if you’re looking for a healthy option. However, some people think white rice is often enriched with specific nutrients like thiamine, iron, vitamin B2, niacin, and folic acid making it healthier than brown rice.

Frequently Asks Questions: FAQs

·        Is Brown Rice Healthier Than White Rice?

  • Brown rice is a healthy option, especially if you are aware of its calorie count. It contains more nutrients and often has more protein and fiber than white rice. However, brown rice also tends to have more calories than white rice so does your research before choosing the rice you want to serve with your meals if you are conscious of your calorie count.

·        What is the healthiest white rice to buy?

  • White rice is not the only option, but it’s a healthy option because it has an amazing amount of protein. Basmati rice also has an incredibly low GI ranking, making it perfect for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. It contains some iron and contributes 12% of your daily requirement each day – with numerous health benefits.

·        How Do You Make White Rice Taste Better?

  • If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add flavor to your rice, try toasting it in olive oil or butter. This will also help make the rice nuttier. You can also cook the rice with chicken or vegetable broth instead of just plain water. This will add a whole new depth of flavor to the dish! Another option is Seasoning the Rice with Spices and Herbs That You Are Using To Cook The Main Dish.

·        Which rice is for everyday use?

  • White rice is a unique choice for individuals who are looking for an option that can provide ample energy, protein, and minerals. It is also highly digestible which makes it suitable for children and older people because of its ease to be digested. Remember that, white rice should be the go-to food when dealing with digestive disorders like diarrhea or colitis. Finally, white rice offers your essential nutrients (protein) as well as specific minerals such as calcium and magnesium making it ideal from both a nutritional perspective and more importantly one of health management.
  • The most popular type of white rice in the USA is long-grain rice. It can be used for many different meals and recipes, depending on the country you are considering.

. Which rice is best Old or new?

  • New rice needs more water than aged rice when it is being cooked. So the new liquid mixes with starch and gives a fluffy texture. Again, New rice is often recommended by nutritionists as a healthier alternative to old ones due to the change in pasting properties. It occurs during aging.


Now you know what brands of white rice make the best taste. When it comes to cooking new and exciting things, you’ll be able to create a menu with your preferred meal type. The list will help narrow down which rice is right for you, as well as what types of dishes it can go in because there are many different kinds of rice available on the market today.

Remember how short-grain, long-grain, and medium-grain might differ from one another when selecting your favorite brand or recipe? You’re off to a great start by understanding the difference between these three options.


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